Royer-Greaves School for Blind provides a caring and supportive place for children and adults with visual and other impairments to live, learn, and train for their most rewarding and independent lives.
The remarkable children and adults we serve are visually-impaired and may also be  developmentally disabled. At Royer-Greaves, they learn to function at their fullest potential and enjoy a quality of life not otherwise available to them.
Our student and adult program participants receive education and training tailored to each of their individual capabilities and life needs, learning and in some cases living in a community that understands and values them and their families.
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Attention Visitors! Royer-Greaves has Updated Our Safety and Security Procedures
Royer-Greaves visitors should be aware of our new safety and security procedures.

  • When you arrive on campus, please report immediately to the Manor House – our main office building – to sign in and obtain a yellow visitor’s name tag.
  • Simply ring the front doorbell and a staff member will assist you, provide you with a name tag, and notify the person you are meeting of your arrival.
  • All exterior doors on campus are locked. If your appointment is elsewhere on campus, please ring the doorbell at your destination. Once staff there see your yellow name tag, they will welcome you inside.

We look forward to seeing you!