3Is Lifesharing the Right Residential Placement for You or Someone You Care About?

Through Lifesharing, Individuals Live an “Everyday Life”

An Every Day Life is about opportunities, relationships, rights, and responsibilities. It is about being a member of the community, having a valued role, and having one’s rights as a citizen fully respected. Lifesharing allows adults with special needs to experience these things as part of a caring household.

Adults who live in a Lifesharing home:

  • May choose where they live and with whom.
  • Build stronger interpersonal relationships.
  • Become part of a caring household and an active participant in the household.
  • Become more independent by setting and meeting goals, with the support of their host family.
  • Participate more in community activities.

Who is Eligible to Choose the Lifesharing Residential Option?

Adults who are at least 21 years old and have an intellectual disability or autism. They may also have additional disabilities, such as hearing or vision impairment or a physical disability.

Participants must have a referral from their county’s Office of Developmental Programs and be waiver-funded through Medicaid.

“I love the home I share with Miss Senneh. I have my own room with everything in it. I go to church and Bible Study. I am so happy in my new home. Thanks very much Royer-Greaves School for Blind.”VICTORIA, LIFESHARING ADULT
For more information, contact our Director of Lifesharing at Royer-Greaves Services at 610-644-1810.