Should YOU Open Your Home and Heart to a Lifesharing Adult?

Lifesharing providers – those who welcome an adult with special needs into their homes – come from all walks of life and many different circumstances.

Some drawn to this important role have limited experience in providing for an adult with special needs – that’s where Royer-Greaves Services’ free, comprehensive training and on-going support come in! Providers will

  • Gain a new friend who feels like family.
  • Become more involved in the community.
  • Receive a stipend.

For other Lifesharing households, the program recognizes and supports an existing living arrangement.  In these homes, the adult with special needs is often a relative.  Lifesharing through Royer-Greaves offers many benefits for such households:

  • Formalization of the arrangement as a Lifeshare allows the household to receive the same  tax-deferred stipend and money to pay for home modifications that any other Lifesharing household would.
  • On-going support, advice, and guidance from Royer-Greaves staff can help the household better provide for the adult with special needs.

What is Expected of a Lifesharing Family? Is Lifesharing Right For My Household?

If you are a compassionate person or family with space home and heart for an adult with special needs, Lifesharing may be just the life-changing, rewarding experience you’re looking for!  Lifeshare providers:

  • Provide a quality home life that is mutually beneficial to all.
  • Include Lifeshare adults in household activities from outings to chores.
  • Attend medical appointments with the Lifesharing person.
  • Ensure their homes meet basic state safety standards.
  • Undergo a criminal background check and child abuse clearance.
  • Complete a home study and intake process.
  • Become licensed by the Pennsylvania Bureau of Human Services.
“Even having worked with people who have intellectual disabilities for many years, I never knew that I would become a Lifesharing parent. Victoria is a fun-loving lady. She is hardworking, funny, and is always smiling. Victoria  loves my family, and she loves our church.  My life has changed for the better with Victoria around. I just like to see her living a great life, as she keeps a smile on my face.”-- Senneh, Lifesharing host

For more information, contact our Director of Lifesharing at Royer-Greaves Services at 610-644-1810.